Rigid Handcuffs

Kajdanki sztywne INOX



Rigid handcuffs stainless steel are stiffened with an ergonomic handle with a highly durable plastic. Grip handcuffs allows secure and comfortable carrying the detainee.

Using appropriate techniques, rigid handcuffs allow toppling to the ground culprit, fastened with only one handle wrist.

Our handcuffs has following charasteristics:

  1. They enable easy, fast and efficient cuffing.
  2. It is not possible for the cuffed person to release the cuffs by the strenght of muscles or simple objects one can find around.
  3. They consist of two identical clamps wrist strained plastic handle. In the middle of the handle is tucked chain, combining steel clamp handcuffs.
  4. Blocking mechanizm is in both cases, which allows to block the ratchet in every position not pressing the cuffed person too much and additionaly locking the cuffs – double lock tip on the key locks the cuffs and turnig the key in the keypost releases the cuffs.
  5. Its construction, when used properly, does not cause abrasion or injury.


  1. Handcuffs are made of stainless steel and plastics that is not toxic to human organism, there are no galvanic layers on the strands.
  2. Weight: 450 g.

Resistance characteristics:

  1. Handcuffs are resistant to static tearing force measuring up to 2300N (force applied to the one clamp, the other clamp fixed). After the test handcuffs remain usable.
  2. Handcuffs are resistant to static bending force measuring 500N (clamp fixed on the swivel side, force applied vertically to the surface of the clamp on the other extremity). The force is not causing permanent deformation.