Feet cuffs or Legcuffs


Stainless steel cuffs for hands and feet are used in rare cases while transporting very violent prisoners . Production of handcuffs is strictly determined in accordance with the recommendations of the National Police Headquarters. The handcuffs have been designed keeping in mind the current requirement of the law enforcement agencies .


Leg restraints:
Our leg cuffs have the following characteristics:
1. Our ankle cuffs are fast, efficient and very easy to deploy around the ankles of restrained criminals.
2. They are very highly durable. Providing secure restraint of suspects and resistance against escape;
3. They consist of two identical clamps connected by armored chain length of 42cm, fixed by a rotary coupling to the body clamp;
4. They have a structure consisting of steel clamps with double ratcheted closing-locking mechanism and a movable clamp-rack;
5. They have a locking mechanism on both clamps, which allows you to block the rack in any place, but not to tighten too much on individuals and additionally secured against escape – the stem of the key to be pressed fully into the lock and turned to release;
6. Ankle cuffs are designed so that with proper use they will not cause abrasions and injuries;
7. The set has two keys for opening and closing the ankle cuffs and to lock and unlock the rack.

Material requirements:

1. A product made entirely of stainless steel, as a result, no toxic impact on the body. The clamps do not have galvanized coatings.
2. Weight of about 490 g.Now available in India with us .